Adoption of the draft bill 7044 on the General Police Inspectorate (IGP)

A new legal basis for the IGP!

In its public session of 3 July 2018, the House of Representatives has voted the draft bill 7044 on the IGP. The reporter M. Alex Bodry first outlined the various aspects of the draft bill before the speakers of the different political groups took the floor to express their opinions. These debates were immediately followed by the vote. 

As a reminder, here the main new elements of the draft bill: 

  • The IGP will obtain its own law;

  • The IGP will become an independent and autonomous administration with its own staff and budget;

  • The Direction will be composed of a General Inspector who has previously worked for the judiciary, and a Deputy General Inspector who is a Police officer;

  • IGP staff will not be able anymore to return to the Police;

  • While the current missions are further specified, new missions, such as the instruction of disciplinary affairs involving police officers and trainees, have been added.

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