Report on the implementation of European directives and the application of European Union law 2018

The 2018 report on the implementation of European directives and the application of European Union law, coordinated by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, was submitted to the Chamber of Deputies on 22nd June 2018. The report was elaborated as part of the memorandum (‘aide-mémoire’) concluded between the Chamber of Deputies and the Luxembourgish government in relation to their cooperation on European policy.

After experiencing an increase in its transposition deficit in 2015 and 2016, Luxembourg now again complies with the 1%-threshold set by the March 2007 European Council. By the end of the second semester of 2017, the deficit ratio had been reduced from 1.1% to 1%. The European Commission’s internal market scoreboard for the first half of 2018 will confirm this downward trend, as Luxembourg’s transposition deficit will be down to 0.8%. This constitutes a significant improvement compared to the previous year.

With regard to the implementation of European Union law, it should be noted that the number of infringement proceedings for non-compliance of Luxembourg law with EU law has been decreasing continuously over the past years (see 2nd part of the report).

In its first part, the report reviews Luxembourg’s results in the European Commission’s internal market scoreboards. The 2nd part then concentrates on infringements proceedings initiated by the European Commission against Luxembourg - either for failure to transpose directives within the prescribed period or for non-compliance of national law with EU law. Finally, the 3rd part reviews the progress made by the different ministerial departments in transposing those European directives for which the European Commission has not yet been notified of national implementation measures.

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