The Chamber of Deputies voted on the draft law on the integration of artistic works in public buildings

On 8 February 2023, the Chamber of Deputies voted on draft law no. 7963 on the integration of artistic works in public buildings and amending the following laws: 1° the amended law of 19 December 2014 on 1) social measures in favour of self-employed professional artists and intermittent performers 2) the promotion of artistic creation; 2° the amended law of 8 April 2018 on public procurement (59 votes in favour).

This programme, known as the "1% artistique" or the "Kunst am Bau", has been incorporated into Luxembourg legislation since 1999. With this new law, the integration of artistic works in public buildings now has its own legal framework, giving it greater visibility.

"Integrating art into public buildings is one of the many ways to make art accessible to as many people as possible and to integrate art into our daily lives. These spaces will thus become cultural hubs, giving real visibility to artistic expression", stressed the Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, in her speech to the deputies, explaining that in addition to modernising the existing legislation, this law will make it possible to value the work of artists and support the artistic creation sector.

The legislation simplifies certain administrative procedures and raises awareness among state, parastatal and municipal actors and the general public. The law provides that 1% of the construction cost of a building financed by the State, or which receives financing or subsidies of up to 25% of the total cost from the State, and which is likely to be used by the public, will be allocated to the commissioning or acquisition of one or more works of art to be integrated into the building or its surroundings. The amount is capped at EUR 500,000.

This new law is a direct result of the measures in the "Kulturentwécklungsplang 2018-2028" (recommendation no. 20), which calls for a forward-looking reflection on the law establishing public commissions.

An explanatory guide will be published for the authorities responsible for the realisation of a public building and for artists wishing to participate in such a project. It will be published as soon as the law comes into force and will enable interested parties to find out about the provisions of the law and the various stages of of commissioning or acquiring works of art under the law.

Press release by the Ministry of Culture

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