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  1. On May 20, 2024, Expon Capital officially announced the final closing of the second generation of the Digital Tech Fund at 19.4 million euros, in which the Luxembourg Government and the Société nationale de crédit et d'investissements (SNCI) participate alongside with BIL, POST Capital, Proximus, SES, Chamber of Commerce, Cargolux as well as a group of private investors.

  2. At the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Forum, Gilles Roth, Minister of Finance, today announced a 10-point action plan for sustainable finance. This strategic plan will guide the Ministry’s efforts over the next five years to develop Luxembourg’s sustainable financial ecosystem.

  3. On International Women's Day, the Ministry of Finance announces the launch of seven working groups, each with a strategic focus to drive gender finance initiatives forward. These working groups were launched at a meeting of the Gender Finance Task Force, an initiative of the Ministry of Finance to champion gender equality in and by the financial sector.

  4. On 6 March 2024, Minister of Finance Gilles Roth presented the State budget for 2024 to the Chamber of Deputies. The new government's first budget is being presented under the banner of a "new dynamic for our country" (Neie Schwong fir eist Land).

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