New information campaign on the social inclusion income (REVIS)

Too many people are unaware of the existence of the social inclusion income (REVIS) or think they cannot benefit from it.  In order to reduce the number of people not taking up financial aid and to promote REVIS to the public, the Ministry for the Family, Solidarity, Living Together and Reception of Refugees and the National Solidarity Fund (FNS) have produced leaflets and explanatory capsules in eight languages, including Tigrinya, Farsi and modern Arabic.

REVIS screenshot

In addition to distributing the communication materials on its social media, the Ministry will make the leaflets and videos available to local authorities and social offices, associations and dedicated organisations to target the populations potentially concerned.

To find out quickly if you are entitled to REVIS, use the calculator on the FNS website. You can also do the test for the cost-of-living  and energy allowance.

If you would like more information about the assistance available, visit the FNS website or contact your local social services office.

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