Ethics committee

The Government members and their advisors undertake to comply, during and after the end of their term of office, with the rules of conduct set out in the Rules of conduct contained in Appendices D and F of the Government's internal regulations.

In accordance with Chapter 2 of Appendix D, an ethics committee has been set up to ensure the application of ethical rules. This committee is composed of at least three persons, chosen from among Government members, deputies, judges, state councillors or civil servants who have respectively ceased their mandates or their functions. The members of the ethics committee are appointed for a non-renewable period of 5 years.

The tasks of the ethics committee, which consist in issuing opinions (public or confidential), recommendations and statements relating to the interpretation of the rules of ethics and their application by the Government members and the advisors attached to them, are defined in the Government's internal regulations:

The committee is assisted in its functions by a secretariat.

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