AERODROME simulator is now operational

Airside-driving-training is an essential educational strategy of ANA to improve airport safety

ANA will provide sophisticated "airside-driving-training" to internal staff and external stakeholders of the airport platform. The system makes an important contribution to the success of ANA's training organization by increasing training capacity for the growing number of airside drivers.

Benefits of the new system:

  • Safer operations at the airport;
  • Simulation of 16 different vehicle types inclusive of trucks, inspection vehicles and special utility vehicles such as fire engines and catering trucks;
  • Custom, high fidelity 3D database of Luxembourg Airport (ELLX);
  • Advanced features including Foreign Object Debris (FOD) removal and Checkpoint and Access Control to critical areas which require ATC approval;
  • Complex scenario simulations;
  • Compliance with current rules and regulations;
  • Reduction of training time on the airfield.

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