Luxembourg's position on the European Commission's decision in the Fiat Finance and Trade case

Luxembourg disagrees with the conclusions reached by the European Commission in the Fiat Finance and Trade case and reserves all its rights.

Luxembourg will use appropriate due diligence to analyse the decision of the Commission as well as its legal rationale.

Luxembourg already notes that the European Commission has used unprecedented criteria in establishing the alleged State aid. In particular, the Commission has not established in any way that Fiat Finance and Trade received selective advantages with reference to Luxembourg’s national legal framework.

Luxembourg does not consider that Fiat Finance and Trade has been granted incompatible State aid, as foreseen by article 107(1) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

Luxembourg adheres to international standards, in particular those relating to the arm’s length principle applicable with respect to transfer pricing, and with State aid rules.

Press release by the Ministry of Finance

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