Meeting of Pierre Gramegna with Avdullah Hoti, Minister of Finance of Kosovo

On April 5th, 2017, Pierre Gramegna received his homologue Avdullah Hoti at the Ministry of Finance in Luxembourg.

Against the background of a long-standing co-operation between both countries, they had a fruitful discussion and exchanged views on current economic and fiscal issues.

Both Ministers welcomed the regular meetings and excellent bilateral relations between both countries. In particular, Avdullah Hoti thanked the Luxembourg Ministry of Finance for the funding of a special technical assistance program that it has agreed to provide to the Kosovo Ministry of Finance with the expert help of the Luxembourg House of Finance (formerly ATTF Agence de Transfert de Technologies Financières). The trainings will run from 2017 to 2018 and cover activities in the 3 following Departments: Department of Public and Private Partnership, Internal Audit and Central Harmonization Department as well as Department for Economic, Public Policies and International Financial Cooperation.

Pierre Gramegna and Avdullah Hoti also announced the start of negotiations for a bilateral treaty on the avoidance of double taxation between Kosovo and Luxembourg. The first round of negotiations is due to take place in Pristina in May 2017.

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