Intermediate summit of the Greater Region in Tawern (Germany)

On 13 November 2023, the executives of the Greater Region met in Tawern (Germany) for an interim summit to take stock at the halfway stage and plan further cooperation. The Minister for the Greater Region, Max Hahn, was represented by ambassador Jean-Paul Senninger due to his participation in the coalition negotiations in Luxembourg.

©Stadler / Région Grand Est Les membres du Sommet à Tawern (D)

Since 31 January 2023, Rhineland-Palatinate has held the presidency of the Greater Region Summit for two years under the motto "Beyond borders: securing our future together in the Greater Region".

For its presidency of the summit, Rhineland-Palatinate has chosen to focus on a sustainable and secure energy supply, cross-border mobility and the common labour market. The development of cross-border civil protection and cooperation in the field of health are also major concerns of the summit.

The main aim of setting up the joint working group on civil protection, fire brigades and rescue services is to create a flexible and practical structure dedicated primarily to protecting the population in the event of an emergency and enabling more effective collaboration and enhanced cooperation during interventions.

The Summit partners adopted a declaration aimed at strengthening cooperation in the field of consumer protection, in order to encourage closer exchanges between players in the Greater Region, create confidence and security for consumers and strengthen the European internal market.

In 2024, there will be a Mobility Congress in June, a Greater Region Festival for citizens in September and a congress on energy and hydrogen in the Greater Region in October.

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