Luxembourg launches LSA Data Center to promote access to space data

Marc Serres, CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency, announces the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) Data Center, at the Space Forum, Luxembourg

©Luxembourg Space Agency / Dominique Gaul
Marc Serres, CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency


The LSA Data Center has been created to support businesses in Luxembourg with reliable, fast and intuitive access to data streams from the European Copernicus Earth Observation programme.

Marc Serres, CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency, said: “Data collected through space infrastructure are becoming more and more critical for applications and services developments. And therefore a performant and easy access to data is essential for enterprises willing to develop their business. This initiative of the LSA is just a first step to facilitate access to space data with the aim to stimulate new services provided by Luxembourg as a hub for commercial space in Europe.”

Purpose of the LSA Data Center

The goal of the LSA Data Center is to promote the development of products and services which rely on accurate Earth Observation data that are constantly updated. The detailed optical and radar imaging data has many possible uses, including the management of the environment, understanding and mitigation of the effects of climate change and ensuring civil security.

It is hoped that the new products which utilize these data will be of interest to businesses in many sectors including the environment, maritime, meteorology, agriculture, mobility, aviation and health, thus leading to a massive uptake of satellite-based products by end users.    

Part of a larger program

Announced at the Space Forum conference in Luxembourg, the LSA Data Center is a primary component of the LSA’s Access To Space flagship.

An important initiative, aimed at supporting the growing space industry in Luxembourg, the Access To Space flagship will facilitate the access to space generally and to space data in particular.

The LSA Data Center is fully consistent with the objectives of the Ministry of the Economy to support the further emergence of a trusted data-driven economy in Luxembourg and accelerate the digital transformation of its strategic sectors to which the space industry belongs. Luxembourg will proactively invest in companies using space infrastructure and data to develop their services and competitive position.

Free access

The LSA Data Center provides users with search and download access to a fully indexed and referenced, real-time geo-catalogue, set up with products from the Copernicus Sentinel 1 and 2 satellite constellations.

Users can query the archive based on criteria such as location, orbit or cloud coverage and download data sets accordingly.

This information is provided on a full, free and open access basis. There are two levels of access: Standard and Premium. Premium, granted by the LSA, gives high-performing access to Luxembourg entities.

For more information about the LSA Data Center:

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