Communication for the attention of third country nationals concerning legal residence on the territory of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Directorate of Immigration of the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs underlines that in the current crisis situation, it is essential to limit the movement of people at the national and international level to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To this end, and in order to ensure that rights conferred by the means of holding these documents be upheld, the Luxembourg government has decided to regularise the stay for third country nationals, holding the documents as listed below and which would expire as from 1 March 2020:

  • Short-term and long-term visas;
  • Temporary residence permits;
  • Residence card;
  • Residence permit.

Similarly, third country nationals who are not subject to visa requirements and who have overstayed the 90 days can remain in Luxembourg legally for the duration of the state of crisis.

Applications for international protection

The certificates ("pink papers") concerning the registration of an application for international protection which have expired, are extended for the duration of the state of crisis.

Please note that the above measures are automatic and that the persons concerned do not need to take any administrative steps or make any particular request. The Directorate of Immigration will not issue a document certifying this temporary extension.

The Directorate of Immigration also informs that it is currently not possible to deposit files and documents in person. All files or documents are to be sent by post. All counters of the Directorate of Immigration will stay closed until further notice.

For duly justified emergencies, individual meetings can be organized by appointment; to this end, an email should be addressed to, explaining the context of the emergency. 

Press release by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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