Presentation of Luxembourg's inaugural Cyber Defence Strategy

On 12 February, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, François Bausch unveiled Luxembourg's inaugural Cyber Defence Strategy 

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    (de g. à dr.) Nina Garcia, Direction de la défense, et François Bausch, ministre de la Défense
  2. ©Direction de la défense

    (de g. à dr.) Nina Garcia, Direction de la défense, et François Bausch, ministre de la Défense

Luxembourg has enjoyed many years of peace, prosperity and progress as a result of stability of the global world order. Digitalisation and new technologies have given Luxembourg and the rest of the world great opportunity for development and progress but have also increased exposure to factors undermining our democratic values, our way of life and the stability of the international rules-based order. Luxembourg is facing new challenges through constant and pervasive activities below the threshold of conflict that require a broader view of security and defence policy, encompassing global environmental change and hybrid threats.

François Bausch said "it is with great pleasure that I present the inaugural Cyber Defence Strategy for Luxembourg. The strategy lays the foundation for the development of cyber defence capabilities that can be used in a national and international context. As Minister of Defence, I am determined to see this strategy implemented in full. I will work closely with colleagues across Government, the wider public sector and academia to ensure we achieve this ambition."

The 10-year long-term strategy co-written between Luxembourg Armed Forces and the Directorate of Defence, is nested within the National Cybersecurity Strategy and aims to enhance the resilience of Luxembourg Defence* by protecting its assets and capabilities from malicious cyber activities. Emphasis is placed on upskilling our workforce, enhancing national resilience in cyberspace, supporting private sector capability, honouring our NATO and EU commitments and strengthening our engagement with Allies and partners. This will ensure a sustainably resourced approach to integrating cyber defence across Luxembourg Defence and will set the conditions for Luxembourg to develop expertise and capabilities which can also be offered to Allies and partners.

A periodic review confers sufficient flexibility and adaptability to this long-term strategy in a domain that is in constant evolution.


*Luxembourg Defence refers to the combination of Luxembourg Armed Forces and the Directorate of Defence


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