Changes to the conditions of "travel testing"

Following a decision of the Government Council on 17 March, the conditions to perform a PCR test before travelling abroad in the context of the Large Scale Testing programme (LST3), will be modified.

As a result, free "holiday" tests will no longer be offered via the procedure from 5 April onwards.

It should be noted that tests are still possible in this context for business trips and students studying abroad. For students who are required to take a negative test on their return to university, the ACEL offers free test vouchers for the Large Scale Testing test stations. If you are conducting a business trip, the Chamber Of Commerce and the House of Entrepreneurship have Large Scale Testing vouchers at their disposal for these situations.

The special "travel" procedure was introduced in summer 2020 in order to provide particular support to people who had to travel to a country where a PCR test was required.

It is therefore recommended that people who are planning to travel abroad should contact the medical analysis laboratories (Laboratoires Réunis, BioneXt LAB or Ketterthill) directly and in due time to fix an appointment for a test. The costs of these tests are payable by the person who requests them.

It should be remembered that the primary objective of the LST is to detect asymptomatic persons and to interrupt the chain of transmission of COVID-19.

In the event of symptoms, it will of course remain important to visit your doctor and get a prescription for a PCR test.


Press release by the Ministry of Health

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