Franz Fayot participated in the awards ceremony of the first edition of the Circular By Design Challenge

On Thursday 29 April, Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, participated in the award ceremony of the first Circular by Design Challenge. This initiative, launched by the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, with the support of the Ministry of the Economy, aims at stimulating the development of new design solutions and innovative business models that are in line with the principles of the circular economy.

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    (de g. à dr.) Gouda Treciokaite, lauréate (prix spécial du jury) ; Franz Fayot, ministre de l'Économie
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    (de g. à dr.) Eric Henrotin, Director Innovation & Development Center Operations ; Filip Westerlund, lauréat (catégorie Mobilité) ; Franz Fayot, ministre de l'Économie
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    (de g. à dr.) Julie Conrad, lauréate (catégorie Design intérieur) ; Romain Poulles, CEO PROgroup ; Franz Fayot, ministre de l'Économie
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    (de g. à dr.) Anna Zahedi-Lamarche, lauréate (catégorie Mode) ; Line Didelot, Co-Founder ANKAA Project ASBL ; Franz Fayot, minister de l'Économie
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    Adriana Galijasevic, Denim, Sustainability & Circularity Expert
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    Christian Tock, ministère de l'Économie
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    Marc Lis, Luxinnovation
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    Franz Fayot, ministre de l'Économie
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    (de g. à dr.) Marko Klacar, lauréat (catégorie Design de produit) ; Olivier Laidebeur, Office Freylinger ; Fabrice Roth, directeur du Lycée des arts et métiers ; Franz Fayot, ministre de l'Économie

For 12 weeks, between January and March, the 10 selected projects (out of 28 applications) – start-ups and established designers – were accompanied by 10 coaches and 7 industrial partners in order to develop their projects and turn them into a concrete economic reality. "Aligned with our government's priorities around the circular economy, this first Challenge allows us to create a leverage effect at many levels," explains Marc Lis, the Creative Industries Cluster manager. "It gives the creative industries sector the necessary professional support and attention it deserves, to showcase its ingenuity and apply its problem-solving spirit."

In his speech, Minister Franz Fayot emphasised the imperative need to shift the age-old linear economic model towards a circular economy, as supported by the National Circular Economy Strategy presented in February. "Companies that adopt a circular business model use resources more efficiently and seize the opportunity to develop new services and identify new revenue streams and markets, while protecting the environment," Minister Fayot explained. "The Circular by Design Challenge has not only raised the awareness of the circular economy among different industries, but also fostered and initiated new business partnerships. The design of products is crucial and represents one of the very first steps in their development. This Challenge provides the Luxembourg manufacturing industry with access to circular design skills."

Five winners

At the awards ceremony, which took place partly in person at Luxexpo The Box and partly remotely via videoconference, the following winners were honoured:

  • Anna Zahedi-Lamarche (Fashion category) for her project Nana & Rose (sustainable maternity clothes rental);
  • Julie Conrad (category Interior Design) for her project Cego (circular workspace systems);
  • Marko Klacar (Product Design category) for his project Capriole (sustainable coffee fertilizer);
  • Filip Westerlund (category Mobility) for his project Our Choice (circular trainers);
  • Gouda Treciokaite (Special Jury Award) for her Kombucha leather project.

"Creative industries are an important part of the Luxembourg economy, and the Circular by Design Challenge has clearly demonstrated the power of collaboration between the creative and other economic sectors," said Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation, in her closing remarks. "We are here to encourage this collaboration and help our economy thrive in an open, innovative and sustainable way."

A second edition of the Circular by Design Challenge has already been announced for this autumn, with an opportunity for foreign companies to apply.


Press release by the Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation

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