Certified rapid antigen tests can be performed in the first pharmacies starting 12 May

From 12 May, rapid antigen tests (RATs) by nose swab, as well as self-tests, can be performed and certified in the first pharmacies. All participating pharmacies will offer this service from Monday 17 May. The test result can be obtained in less than 30 minutes.

The participating pharmacies will provide specially equipped areas for the public and will themselves define the various modalities, such as mandatory appointments or the walk-in system with the possibility of attending at specific times.

Due to the limitation of the number of patients allowed in pharmacies, all persons are advised to contact the pharmacy in question in advance to learn about the specific procedure. It should also be noted that tests cannot be carried out when pharmacies are on-call.

Patients with symptoms related to a COVID-19 infection are advised not to attend the pharmacy.

After the test, the person tested will receive a certificate indicating the result. This certificate, which includes the signature of the health professional and the logo of the Health Directorate, is valid as proof of a negative result required for certain trips, activities or entries (e.g. restaurants, cafés, concerts, etc.).

A positive result is immediately reported by the health professional to the Health Directorate to ensure the follow-up of the patient and initiate contact tracing.

The cost of the test is charged to the person wishing to be tested.

The list of pharmacies that perform these rapid antigen tests can be found at www.pharmacie.lu and covid19.lu.

Press release by the Ministry of Health and Luxembourg Pharmacists' Union (Syndicat des Pharmaciens Luxembourgeois, SPL)

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