Arrival of people fleeing the war in Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs wishes to inform that procedures are being set up to welcome and assist displaced persons coming from Ukraine, including those that have already arrived in Luxembourg.

Every displaced person coming from Ukraine and arriving in Luxembourg is kindly asked to make their presence known by contacting the Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs through the following email address:

The people in question will then receive a form, which they will need to fill out, in order to help the Luxembourgish authorities to contact them with a view to introduce their temporary protection request or to regularise their stay in Luxembourg in a different manner.

The temporary protection status, which is about to be agreed upon at the European level, will be available for Ukraine nationals who arrived in Luxembourg in the past few days and for those who might arrive in the future. They will be informed in due time about the implementation of the procedure.

In the meantime, Ukraine nationals do not need to follow any specific procedures to regularise their stay. This also includes people who have a residence permit which is about to expire or whose short-term stay (usually of 90 days) is coming to an end, who are also asked to declare themselves to the Directorate of Immigration. At this point in time, they do not need to worry about their administrative situation.

The government has created a center for an initial reception in order to host persons fleeing the war in Ukraine. This emergency reception center, accessible 24/7, is situated at the SHUK (Structure d’hébergement d’urgence au Kirchberg), 11 rue Carlo Hemmer in Luxembourg-City. The center will provide shelter during the first couple of days, as well as food and items of primary necessity, for people wishing to request a temporary protection in Luxembourg, but also for those wishing to join another European country. For sanitary reasons, the center will not be able to host pets.

The Ministry would like to reiterate that the sanitary measures related to COVID-19 are in place.

Every Luxembourg resident wishing to host Ukraine nationals at their home are asked to contact the Hotline managed by Caritas and the Red Cross, with the support of the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region at +352 621 796 780 or via email:

Consular questions from people trying to leave Ukraine or in transit from Ukraine should be addressed to the Consular assistance of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs: or +352 2478 2386

In light of the many private initiatives organizing transport for Ukraine nationals from the Ukrainian border, the Ministry is asking all persons planning such trips to urgently send all information about the planned trip to

The Ministry highly recommends that anyone wishing to provide help should inform themselves before the organization of such trips, considering that the reception, hosting and medical care of Ukraine nationals will have to be assured in order to welcome these people, often traumatized by what they have experienced, in the best possible conditions.

The Ministry has also been informed about an increasing number of non-accompanied children at the Ukrainian border, who often have no official documents and who board private transportation. It is important that people facilitating such transport make sure that there is no risk of human trafficking involved.  

Press release by the Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region/ Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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