The NIF4Gov Initiative



A high level of interoperability is an essential, central and indispensable element to advance in a quick, consistent and sustainable fashion on the path of digital transformation. This is vital in order to put in place a modern, efficient and effective administration placing the user, his needs, his expectations and requirements at the centre of its concerns.

The National Committee for Interoperability (CNI) adopts actions at national level to promote the adoption and development of digital solutions facilitating the interoperability of public services.

To this end, an annual NIF4Gov call for projects has been launched since 2022, which allows selected interoperability project leaders to benefit from funding from the Ministry for Digitalisation and from coaching, provided by the Competence Centre for Interoperability (CCIOP) and external providers. All public sector organisations can participate.


The NIF4Gov aims to:

  • raise awareness among public sector organisations (PSOs) of the usefulness and importance of interoperability and encourage them to launch interoperable projects themselves;
  • provide government officials with the practical experience needed to eventually establish expertise within the government, position the public administration as a forerunner in the field and promote the importance of interoperability;
  • finance a project introduced by a PSO with the aim of achieving an interoperability product in accordance with the NIF principles and recommendations.

The selection of the winners of the call for projects is made by a jury composed of two members of the Ministry for Digitalisation, two members of the CTIE and two members of the CNI (annual rotation).

Calls for projects

Call for projects 2022

The first NIF4Gov call for projects was launched in April 2022. Two projects were selected.


With the NIF#PRESERV project, the National Archives of Luxembourg aim to define a state-wide digital preservation policy and to propose a concrete implementation approach based on services associated with this policy. The project responds to recommendation 31 of the National Interoperability Framework (NIF), which calls for the definition of a long-term digital preservation policy for the entire public sector.


The REG4Gov project of the Department of Mobility and Transport of the Ministry of Mobility and Public Works aims to design and implement a reference architecture for core registry systems. The expected outcome is the definition of a systematic and standardised approach to the development of basic registry systems that comply with the relevant regulatory requirements.

Call for projects 2023

The 2023 edition of the NIF4Gov call for projects was launched in February 2023.

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