Call of interest for the candidate of a European Digital Innovation Hub

The first-ever European Commission Digital Europe Programme (DEP) 2021-2027 will launch a restricted call for candidatures for European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) during Q4 2020. These EDIHs will be co-financed over an initial three-year period by the Commission together with the Member States.  The EDIHs should deliver services that stimulate a broad uptake of High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity, in the private (in particular SMEs) and/or public sectors.  The selection of EDIHs in the DEP will follow a two-step process: Member States will designate potential hubs and the Commission will launch a restricted call for proposals to which designated hubs can respond. Further information on the Commission process can be found on

The Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy will participate in the creation of this first EDIH network. The objective of this call is to select and designate Luxembourg EDIH candidates for inclusion on the Commission shortlist of potential EDIHs applications eligible to respond to the restricted call. The application form can be downloaded on This national call for expressions of interest to become an EDIH will close on the 30th of September 2020.

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