Door to door sales

Legal framework

Since April 2014, Luxembourg has replaced the legal ban on "door-to-door selling" with new regulations that comply with European legislation and set a restrictive framework for this form of doing business. Consumers can refuse every type of door to door selling at their home by, for example, affixing a "Non au colportage" sticker ("No door to door selling") at their doorbell. 


If the consumer has not put up any signs indicating his refusal at the entrance of their home (e.g. that a professional may spontaneously offer them goods or services, such as renovation work), they can still ask the sales representative to leave and/or no to come back. In this case, the representative must always respect the consumer's refusal. 

On the face of it, door to door sellings often offer fast service at attractive rates. However, we have had reports of undeclared and uninsured activities in which the professionalism of the services is not proven. Poor workmanship or a significant increase in the initial price agreed after the work has been carried out can have serious consequences for consumers. In such a situation, consumers often find themselves at a loss when faced with the service provider who caused the problems, and without any guarantee for the work carried out, even if the work requires obvious repairs.


To guard against unfortunate situations, the Directorate for Consumer Protection advises hiring, on the basis of a detailed estimate, companies and craftsmen registered at the Trade and Companies Register and in possession of a valid business permit. We therefore recommend that you take the time to check the following points, among others, before committing yourself:

- The professional's identity: online-checks are possible to verify the registration of the company in the Trade and Companies Register and if a valid business permit is carried out;

- Where applicable, request a copy of the professional indemnity insurance;

- Information on the 14-day right to withdraw from the contract without giving any reason;

- Provision of a detailed estimate, including costs and lead times.

"Non au colportage" sticker ("No door to door selling")

It is important to know that consumers always have the right to refuse every type of door to door selling at their home, even if they have not affixed a sticker, and that the professional is obliged to respect this wish.

Note that the stickers "Non au colportage" ("No door to door selling") can be ordered here.

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Are you a victim?

By following these few tips, consumers will be better able to protect themselves against unfortunate situations, while helping to support professionals who respect the rules of the trade and the standards in force.

If in doubt, or if you have been a victim of such practices, do not hesitate to report the facts to the competent authorities and/or ask for assistance from the ULC or the CEC Luxembourg

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