Connecting Tomorrow

Hybrid conference on 5G, broadband and beyond

Connecting Tomorrow

Hybrid conference on 5G, broadband and beyond

Octobre 5-7, 2021

Live @LuxExpo ’The Box’, Luxembourg-Kirchberg and online


Following the two successful conferences focusing on 5G, the department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy is pleased to announce a third conference, covering many communications-related topics from 5G to broadband technologies and beyond (quantum key distribution, 6G,…).
Each conference day is split into two parts. The morning sessions are filled with panel discussions, keynote speakers and Q&A's evolving around different headlines for each day. Workshops that allow the participants to deep dive into specific subjects will be held in smaller settings during the afternoons. Furthermore, an exhibition area will be accessible all day long.

The following headlines will be broached during the AM sessions:  

Tuesday, October 5: Enabling Greater Connectivity
Why do we need connectivity? How does connectivity affect our lives? Which innovations drive our every day life?

Wednesday, October 6: Sustainable Connectivity
How can communication technologies work on their ecological footprint? And how, in return, can communication technologies help developing a sustainable society? Which opportunities arise through modern communication technologies like 5G with regard to a more inclusive digital society?

Thursday, October 7: Enabling the Connectivity of Tomorrow
What are the latest innovations in terms of future communication network and a more efficient use of spectrum? Which opportunities lie ahead through combining different technologies? 


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Detailed agenda to follow shortly                


Registrations for the conference are open NOW.

Virtual attendance (FREE): unlimited capacity
Physical attendance (FREE): limited capacity (depending on the sanitary measures in effect at the time of the conference)

By filling out the registration form you will automatically be granted virtual access to the event platform conference. 

For physical attendees only: Due to the current pandemic, your physical attendance to the event is subject to the sanitary measures in effect at the time of the conference. A final confirmation e-mail that grants you physical access to the event will be sent to you in September, as soon as we have more information on the sanitary measures. Please note that physical access to the event will be granted on a ‘first-come-first-served’ basis if attendance needs to be limited. Many thanks for your understanding.

Workshop registrations: People having registered to the event via the below registration form will be informed via e-mail once the registrations for the afternoon workshops are open.

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