Innovative Initiatives

Launched by the Prime Minister in 2014, "Innovative Initiatives" is not only part of Luxembourg's digitalization movement but also its greatest ally. Innovative Initiatives is a multidisciplinary and collaborative government initiative led by the Ministry of State's Department of Media, Connectivity and Digital Policy (SMC). It acts as a catalyst for innovation by supporting initiatives, launching new ideas and sharing stories from the ecosystem.

The aim of this initiative is above all to achieve the positive transformation of our society through digitalization, with the following main missions:

  • launching new projects,
  • supporting existing initiatives and
  • disseminating information about Luxembourg's digital efforts.

The initiative enables and supports new and existing projects that meet the country's needs and fuel positive transformation. It works to ensure their success by facilitating public partnerships, securing funding and enhancing visibility.

As part of this mission, the Innovative Initiatives platform was created to provide a growing database of initiatives and related information. It showcases Luxembourg's public-private partnerships and public initiatives in digital skills, data policy, connectivity and new technologies. Alongside a database of initiatives, the platform also highlights efforts made as part of the country's digitalization movement through stories in the form of experiences and ecosystem updates .



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