Statement by Jean Asselborn on the situation in Venezuela

Luxembourg refers and fully subscribes to the statement of the European Union of 26 January 2019 on the situation in Venezuela.

The presidential elections that took place on 20 May 2018 in Venezuela were neither free nor fair. We support the National Assembly chaired by Mr. Juan Guaidó, which is the democratic legitimate body of Venezuela, and we join in the calls for new presidential elections.

Like other European partners, Luxembourg recognizes the President of the National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, as interim President with the authority to implement an electoral process leading to free, fair and democratic presidential elections, in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution.

We join in calling for respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of the Venezuelan people, including the right of assembly and peaceful protest.

The solution to the difficult situation Venezuela is going through can only be political and peaceful. In this regard, we support the efforts of the international community and the launch by the European Union of the international contact group, which will begin its work on 7 February in Montevideo, Uruguay, to help create the necessary conditions for the emergence of a credible democratic process in Venezuela.

Press release by the ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

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