Start of vaccinations against COVID-19 for residents in nursing homes

In accordance with Luxembourg's vaccination strategy, the first residents of retirement homes were vaccinated against COVID-19 on 6 January 2021.

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First vaccinations against COVID-19 in nursing homes by mobile teams


Among the 52 facilities in Luxembourg, the first vaccinations were administered to the residents of the Seniorie St Jean de la Croix in Luxembourg City. 

"I have been looking forward to this vaccination with great anticipation. The health of all of us is at stake," said Dr. Joseph Mersch (96) with relief. "I can only advise my fellow citizens to do the same. It didn't even hurt," he added with a smile. 

Anne Wissler-Reiser (79) admits she was a bit nervous at the start, but says she was privileged to have been among the first residents to be vaccinated: "I didn't hesitate for a second! It's a small gesture for everyone, but so important for the community. If we want to get back to normal and see our loved ones again quickly, it's very little to ask."

According to the information gathered by ZithaSenior, the willingness to be vaccinated is very high among residents, with 80-90% of elderly people responding favourably to the invitation.

Within the facilities, vaccines are generally administered by the physician treating the residents and a nurse employed by the facility, while the Ministry of Health's mobile teams provide the facility with the vaccines, the material needed to carry out the vaccination, as well as IT support (laptops, printers, MSVAC application) and logistics (management of vaccine orders, returns, etc.).

At present, two mobile teams, each composed of a public medical officer as team leader and an administrative and logistics assistant (alternating between the army, CGDIS and Customs Agency) are deployed. Each team is attached to a vaccination centre. 

Between 6 and 14 January, it is planned to vaccinate the residents of 11 nursing homes, according to a list drawn up by the Ministry for the Family, Integration and the Greater Region, in close collaboration with COPAS. This will be followed by other nursing homes and integrated centres for the elderly (Centres intégrés pour personnes âgées - CIPA) in the country. In the end, 6,200 residents will be able to be vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2.

It should also be noted that all staff in nursing homes (6,332 health professionals and 8,927 other professionals) will also be vaccinated over the next few weeks in the vaccination centres. The first vaccinations have already been carried out on 30 December.

Press release by the Ministry of State/ Ministry of Family Affairs, Integration and the Greater Region/ Ministry of Health

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