16,200 invitations sent to people on the waiting list for vaccination against COVID-19 with the Vaxzevria vaccine

Following the opening of the waiting list for vaccination against COVID-19 with the Vaxzevria® vaccine (AstraZeneca), 16,200 letters of invitation were sent out on 27 April. People invited can now make their appointment at a vaccination centre.

Like all other invitations sent out for the vaccination appointments, these invitations contain a code which is unique for each person and which must be filled in when making the appointment. Together with the national identification number (matricule) of the invited person, this code ensures the validity of the invitation.

In order to improve the identification of people on the so-called "AstraZeneca waiting list" during the appointment process, a longer character sequence than for other invitations has been added to the code. However, this sequence was not taken into account in its entirety when printed on the invitations - which resulted in the code printed on the invitation letter not being recognised by the appointment booking system.

This error has been corrected so that the system will accept the shorter code. Even if the last character of the code has not been printed, the uniqueness of each code is still guaranteed.

As the system has been adapted, all those who received an invitation are requested to use the code communicated in the invitation letter.

Press release by the Ministry of State / Ministry for Digitalisation / Government IT Centre (CTIE)

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