Psychotherapy reimbursed from 1 February

On 24 January, the Council of State gave its opinion on the two Grand Ducal regulations on the procedures for the reimbursement of psychotherapy by health insurance. Together with the statutes of the National Health Fund (CNS), approved by the CNS Board of Directors, the conditions are now in place for psychotherapy sessions to be covered by health insurance.

The various texts will enter into force on 1 February 2023. This means that psychotherapy sessions will be covered from that date.

Claude Haagen commented: "I am delighted that, after so many years of negotiation, the insured will finally be able to benefit from the reimbursement of psychotherapy sessions".

The Minister is inviting psychotherapists who have not yet done so to apply for a provider code from the CNS, as this is necessary in order to be able to provide services that are covered by health insurance.

Currently, psychotherapy services are reimbursed on the basis of receipted invoices. In order to facilitate the rapid reimbursement of psychotherapy services, the CNS has made available on its website a standard form for the invoicing of fees (Formulaire-type Mémoire d'honoraires pour psychothérapeutes (Word) - CNS - Luxembourg ( This standard form contains all the information needed for an optical reading, so that reimbursement can be made as quickly as possible.

Press release by the Ministry of Social Security

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