Contraceptives to be reimbursed at 100% with no age limit from 1 April

The various legal instruments relating to contraception, which enable the implementation of the programme of preventive medicine and universal access to contraceptives at national level, will enter into force on 1 April 2023.

From this date, the 100% reimbursement of contraceptives provided for in the agreement will apply, with no age limit.

"Free contraception is a successful step on the road to universal health coverage, as set out in the coalition agreement for 2018-2023. This Grand-Ducal Regulation will allow everyone to have family planning methods adapted to their situation and access to safe, effective and high-quality health services and essential medicines," said Paulette Lenert, Minister of Health. According to the European Contraception Atlas 2023, Luxembourg ranks 4th with a contraceptive prevalence rate of 82.5%, behind England (96.9%), France (93.2%) and Belgium (91.1%). "By introducing free access, Luxembourg is preparing to go even further," says Paulette Lenert, Minister of Health.

The contraceptive methods provided for in the agreement are as follows:

  • oral oestroprogestins for contraceptive use (contraceptive pill);
  • transdermal oestroprogestins for contraceptive use (contraceptive patch);
  • vaginal oestroprogestins for contraceptive use (contraceptive ring);
  • oral progestins for contraceptive use (minipill);
  • injectable progestins for contraceptive use (contraceptive injection);
  • hormonal emergency contraception (morning-after pill);
  • progestins for contraceptive use in the form of a subcutaneous implant (contraceptive implant);
  • intrauterine device for contraceptive purposes (IUD);
  • tubal ligation for permanent contraceptive purposes (sterilisation);
  • surgery on the vas deferens for permanent male contraception (vasectomy).

In addition, in case of emergency, a medical prescription is not required for the reimbursement of the morning-after pill from a pharmacy open to the public.

"With 100% reimbursement and no age limit, universal access to contraception for women and men is now a reality," said Claude Haagen, Minister of Social Security.

The state budget covers 100% of the costs of the new procedures and those modified by the Grand Ducal regulation.

 However, this free contraception does not include the male condom, which is a widely used and important method of prevention and contraception because of its ability to protect against sexually transmitted infections.

However, the Ministry of Health, in close cooperation with its partner "HIV Berodung" of the Red Cross, provides self-service condoms at various locations throughout the country, namely: in the various premises of the HIV Berodung service, in the Gay and Lesbian Information Centre (Centre d'information gay et lesbien - Cigale), in the DIMPS (service mobile), in the Xchange/MOPUD (mobile prevention service for drug users), in the family planning centres (les centres du Planning familial), in the CHL and in numerous associations working in the field of emotional and sexual health.

The Ministry of Health also provides condom dispensers in schools and is developing a policy to provide free condoms.


Press release by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Security

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