Coalition negotiations at Senningen Castle

At the invitation of formateur Luc Frieden, the CSV and DP delegations met in plenary session at Senningen Castle on 12 October to hear reports from various experts on the state of Luxembourg's public finances and the economic outlook.

In this context, the delegations met with the following entities:

  • Ministry of Finance and Inspectorate of Finance (IGF):
    • Nima Ahmadzadeh, Director of the IGF
    • Bob Kieffer, Director of the treasury
  • National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC):
    • Dr Serge Allegrezza, Director of the STATEC
    • Tom Haas, modeling and forecasting, STATEC
  • Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) and Supervisory Authority for the Insurance Sector (CAA):
    • Claude Marx, Director General of the CSSF
    • Thierry Flamand, President of the CAA
  • General Inspectorate of Social Security (IGSS) and National Health Fund (CNS):
    • Tom Dominique, Director of the IGSS
    • Christian Oberlé, President of the CNS

For the next plenary session on Friday 13 October 2023, the formateur has invited the following entities:

  • National Employment Agency (ADEM)
  • Luxembourg Red Cross and Caritas Luxembourg

The following meetings have been scheduled for the plenary session on Monday 16 October 2023:

  • UEL
  • Mouvement écologique and Conseil supérieur pour un développement durable (CSDD, High Council for Sustainable Development)

Press release by the Information and Press Service (SIP) 

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