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  1. Faced with the impact of COVID-19 on companies and the self-employed in Luxembourg, the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS) and the Minister for Social Security, Romain Schneider, have taken a series of measures to support companies and the self-employed by offering them greater flexibility in their management of the payment of social security contributions.

  2. On 19 March 2020, Minister for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Lex Delles and Minister for Family Affairs and Integration Corinne Cahen launched the online sales platform, dedicated to vulnerable people.

  3. The Grand Ducal Regulation of 18 March introducing a series of measures in the context of the fight against COVID-19 was published in the official journal of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and has thus entered into effect on this day. As a consequence, the state of crisis has been declared on the national territory, in accordance with article 32(4) of the Constitution.

  4. In the context of the crisis linked to the spread of COVID-19, the Government has decided to enact a series of fiscal measures to support legal entities and natural persons. The main objective of these measures is to alleviate the financing and liquidity needs of companies and self-employed persons who are heavily impacted by the current economic restrictions.

  5. The Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs asks Luxembourg nationals and residents who are currently staying abroad or studying abroad to urgently check their possibilities to make their way back to Luxembourg.

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