A new legal basis for the General Police Inspectorate

Today the law about the General Police Inspectorate from 18 July 2018 comes into force.

In charge of controlling the functioning of the Police since 2000, the following changes will now apply:

  • it will have its own law;
  • it becomes an independent and autonomous administration with its own staff and budget;
  • the Direction is composed of a General Inspector who has previously worked for the judiciary, and a Deputy General Inspector who is a Police officer;
  • IGP staff will no longer be able to return to the Police;
  • its current missions are further specified, and new missions, such as the instruction of disciplinary affairs involving police officers and trainees, are added.

The reform constitutes a fundamental step forward in the sense that the IGP will be more independent from the Police and that the impact of its control mechanism on the functioning of the Police will be amplified.

The IGP will hence become more of an independent observer in the field of internal security but will stay, just as it has been in the past, very alert to citizens’ concerns. The “service to the citizen” approach will remains a priority in all of its daily proceedings.

For further information, please visit the website of the IGP or the page of the House of Representatives.

Press release by the General Police Inspectorate

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