Leave for family reasons in connection with the coronavirus epidemic

In the context of the measures adopted by the Government to contain the spread of the coronavirus, a specific form has been drawn up for those parents who have to look after their child(ren) under 13 years old, so that they will be able to benefit from leave for family reasons.

Leave for family reasons may be taken by a parent of such a child if no other childcare options are available.

If necessary, parents may alternate taking leave for family reasons. If so, each parent must send in a separate form.

It is also recommended that childcare should not be provided by a vulnerable person or a member of a group at risk.

What to do to be able to take leave for family reasons

A parent who needs to take leave for family reasons must inform his/her employer as quickly as possible, either verbally or in writing.

The parent must then fill in the appropriate form, sign it, and send it to both the National Health Fund (Caisse Nationale de Santé - CNS) and his/her employer.

It is possible to save the form on your computer and then complete it electronically with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To send the form to the CNS, it is possible to:

  • print the document, sign it by hand, scan the form or take a photo and send it by email to cns-crf@secu.lu, or;
  • print the document, sign it by hand, and send it by post, or;
  • sign the form electronically with a LuxTrust smartcard, and send it by email.

The address for sending the form to the CNS is:


Indemnités pécuniaires

L-2980 Luxembourg

Frequently asked questions about leave for family reasons


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