Facilitating the integration of Tiny Houses in the municipal landscape: presentation of regulatory guidelines

In recent years, the search for sustainable lifestyles has led to the emergence of a type of housing hitherto unknown in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Tiny Houses.

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    Taina Bofferding, Minister for Home Affairs

    Taina Bofferding, Minister for Home Affairs

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    Nickie Lippert, President of the Tiny House Community Luxembourg

    Nickie Lippert, President of the Tiny House Community Luxembourg

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    Group photo

    Group photo

However, the implementation of this alternative, sustainable and minimalist type of housing is currently hampered by the various applicable urban planning regulations. Indeed, these regulations are hardly designed to accommodate this new form of removable, modular housing with a surface area of less than 50 m2.

"Following a request from both civil society, represented in particular by the Tiny House Community Luxembourg, and from the municipalities, I decided to provide the municipalities with model regulations that would allow the installation of Tiny Houses on their territory," explains Taina Bofferding.

It will then be up to the municipalities to decide whether to adapt their regulations or not. The aim of the toolbox published by the Ministry of Home Affairs is to guide municipal officials in establishing appropriate regulations for Tiny Houses on land classified as a residential area and thus to make it possible to open up to this new form of alternative housing.

This model regulation is also concerned with one of the major principles of good urban planning: the rational use of land. While Tiny Houses are certainly not the final answer to the housing crisis, it can help to create additional housing on land that would otherwise remain undeveloped. Finally, this openness also allows for a diversity of housing that can have a positive impact on the quality of life in our communities by increasing the social mix.

The position of the Tiny House Community

Tiny Houses are a form of housing not sought after according to the age, profession, salary or family situation of its inhabitants, but according to their individual will by making a personal choice for a minimalist lifestyle, according to the motto: less quantity - more quality.

The recognition of Tiny Houses as a legal form of housing and the development of standard regulations provide the legal framework for the creation of Tiny Houses. It is up to the municipalities to implement the regulations proposed by the Ministry of Home Affairs according to the needs and potential of their territory. In order to promote the long-term success of individual and collective projects, it is recommended to plan them in collaboration with the future inhabitants, most of whom prefer small houses adapted to their individual needs (which they may want to bring themselves) to standard prefabricated houses.

In the absence of experience in Luxembourg in the construction, management and habitation of Tiny Houses, it is necessary to take advantage of future projects to realise the opportunities in the field of this alternative, minimalist and sustainable form of housing.

The toolbox is available on the website of the Ministry of Home Affairs: mint.gouvernement.lu.

Press release by the Ministry of Home Affairs

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