Launch of the coalition negotiations by formateur Luc Frieden

Luc Frieden, who was appointed formator by HRH the Grand Duke on 9 October 2023, invited the representatives of the CSV and DP parties to a first plenary meeting of the coalition negotiations, which was held on 11 October 2023 at Senningen Castle. The discussions took place in a cordial and very constructive atmosphere.

  1. © SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

    (de g. à dr.) Claude Wiseler, chef de la délégation CSV ; Luc Frieden, formateur ; Xavier Bettel, chef de la délégation DP
  2. ©SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

    Luc Frieden, formateur

    Luc Frieden, formateur

  3. ©SIP / Jean-Christophe Verhaegen

    (fr. l. to r.) Claude Wiseler, head of the CSV delegation; Luc Frieden, formateur ; Xavier Bettel, head of the DP delegation.

    (fr. l. to r.) Claude Wiseler, head of the CSV delegation; Luc Frieden, formateur ; Xavier Bettel, head of the DP delegation.

This first plenary meeting was in particular dedicated to setting the organisational framework of the negotiations. In this context, the negotiators agreed on the constitution of the following 12 thematic working groups, which in no way anticipate the future organisation of the ministerial departments:

  1. Combating poverty
  2. Housing
    including the acceleration of procedures
  3. Environment, climate, biodiversity and renewable energies
    including procedures
  4. Public finance and taxation
  5. Health, including social security
  6. Justice and security
  7. Education
    including research, higher education, vocational training and non-formal education
  8. Economy and work (work life & family balance) including agriculture, viticulture, tourism, consumer protection, industry, financial centre, small and medium-sized enterprises and energy
  9. Europe
    including defence, cooperation, Greater Region and international relations
  10.    Shelter and migration
  11.    Organisation of community life and quality of life, including spatial planning, mobility, culture, sports, senior citizens, voluntary work, equal opportunities, special needs, youth and family
  12.    Modern state
    including digitalisation, media, civil service, municipalities and infrastructure

Various subjects not included in the above list will be discussed directly in plenary.

The next plenary meetings are scheduled for 12 October (from 9am), 13 October (from 3pm) and 16 October (from 9am). Subsequent plenary meetings will be scheduled at a later date.

At the next plenary sessions, the formateur will invite the following entities:

  • Ministry of Finance (General Inspectorate of Finance)
  • Statec
  • Financial Sector Supervisory Commission (CSSF) and Supervisory Authority for the Insurance Sector (CAA)
  • General Inspectorate of Social Security (IGSS) and National Health Fund (CNS)
  • National Employment Agency (ADEM)
  • Luxembourg Red Cross and Caritas Luxembourg
  • Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises (UEL, union of Luxembourg businesses)
  • Mouvement écologique and Conseil supérieur pour un développement durable (CSDD, High Council for Sustainable Development)

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