New in 2022

Several new legal and regulatory provisions applying directly to citizens will enter into force in 2022. Below is an overview of the main changes. The list is not exhaustive.

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Consumer rights

Digital services

Entry into force: 1 January 2022

The law of 8 December 2021, transposing Directives (EU) 2019/770 and (EU) 2019/771, modernises the legal guarantee of conformity for the sale of goods and introduces a new regime for the legal guarantee of conformity for digital content and services. There are several innovative elements to note:

  • The creation of a legal guarantee of conformity for digital content and services;
  • The recognition of a right to a legal guarantee of conformity when providing a digital content or service where the consumer provides personal data (e.g. opening an account on a social network);
  • The right for the consumer to refuse modifications that the trader may make to digital content and services;
  • The consumer's right to have access to the content he has created or provided in the course of using the content or service in the event of termination of the contract for the provision of the digital content or service;
  • From now on, the existence of a lack of conformity at the time of delivery of the goods is presumed when the defect appears within 12 months of delivery of the goods, instead of 6 months;
  • There is no time limit for notifying the lack of conformity (within the legal duration of the guarantee of conformity);
  • The conditions of the commercial guarantee, an optional contract that may or may not be offered by the trader against payment or free of charge, are specified.


Financial aid system for zero- and low-emission vehicles.

Extension until 31 March 2022

In order to further promote zero-emission mobility and active mobility, the financial aid system "Clever fueren" will be extended for another twelve months, until 31 March 2022.

Summary of the work of the Government Council of 24 March 2021 (French)

Press release of 24 March 2021

Tramway network

The tramway network in Luxembourg is continuing to develop with an extension of the line to the south to link the central station to the Lycée de Bonnevoie. This will be put into service in September 2022.



Modification of the conditions for granting family allowances

Entry into force: 1 January  2022.

The right to family allowances will be linked to the worker who must have a filiation link to the child for whom he/she receives family allowances. Thus, family allowances will be paid to all workers' children, whether residents or not.

Summary of the work of the Government Council of 12 May 2021 (French)

Government bill 7828 (projet de loi 7828)

Cost-of-living allowance

Entry into force: 1 January 2022.

In 2022, low-income households will be entitled to a cost-of-living allowance. The allowance will be increased by EUR 200.

Summary of the work of the Government Council of 11 November 2021 (French)

Birth declarations

Entry into force: 1 January  2022.

As of 2022, the deadline for birth declarations at the civil registry office will be extended from 5 to 10 days.

Summary of the work of the Government Council of 15 October 2021 (French)



Legal interest rate

Entry into force: 1 January  2022.

The legal interest rate for 2022 is set at 2%.

Summary of the work of the Government Council of 26 November 2021 (French)

Tax withholding sheets

Entry into force: 1 January  2022.

The tax withholding sheet of employees and pensioners will be made available to employers and pension funds on, in digital format. From January 2022, consultation via myguichet will become compulsory for employers. and

Declaration for income tax

Entry into force: February 2022

From February 2022 it will be possible to fill in the declaration for income tax (model 100) using an electronic assistant



Compulsory periodic sports medicine check-up

Extension: until 31 December 2022

The validity of the periodic medical examination is extended until 31 December 2022 for athletes and referees who did not or could not attend a re-examination during the year 2021.

Specifically, athletes and referees who already hold a licence, who were born in the years 1971, 1976, 1981, 1991, 2001, 2006 and 2009 and who were not able to be examined before 31 December 2021, will be able to undergo a re-examination until 31 December 2022 at the latest.

Those concerned are requested to make their appointment in due time.

The validity of the ECGs, which are required for the medical examination at the age of 15, 20 and 30, is also extended.

This extension does not apply to the compulsory examination for the first issue of a competition licence.

Annual hunting licence

Entry into force: during the year 2022

In a move to digitise administrative procedures, hunters will be able to apply for an annual hunting permit online.

Summary of the work of the Government Council of 26 November 2021 (French)



Entry/exit system EES

Entry into force: planned in September 2022

The Entry/Exit System (EES) will consist of an automated IT system for recording entry and exit data of third-country nationals (short-stay visa holders and visa-exempt travellers) whenever they cross the EU's external borders. By replacing the current system of manual stamping of passports, the EES system will facilitate border controls and modernise the management of external borders. By improving the quality and efficiency of controls, the system will also contribute to the fight against terrorism and serious crime.


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