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  1. Following the legislative elections of 14 October 2018, the parties DP, LSAP and déi gréng began coalition negotiations. These negotiations culminated with the formation of the 2018 government. This document covers the main steps leading up to the swearing in of the new members of the government on 5 December 2018.

  2. This dossier deals with the Code of Consumption, avoiding overly complex legal language.

  3. Click on the video below The legal framework in Luxembourg In Luxembourg, the protection of whistleblowers is governed by the Law of 16 May 2023

  4. Publications Chiffres clés de l'enseignement supérieur 2022/2023 Chiffres clés de l'enseignement supérieur 2021/2022 Chiffres clés de l'enseignement supérieur 2020/2021 Chiffres clés de l'enseignement supérieur 2019/2020 Conférence de presse: Rentrée académique 2019/2020 Conférence de presse: Rentrée académique 2018/2019 Conférence de presse:...

  5. Growing cannabis at home In an effort to reduce health risks and prevent crime, the Act of 10 July 2023 amending the amended Act of 19 February 1973

  6. Des amendements gouvernementaux au projet de loi 6054 qui tend à une réforme du cadre légal des associations et fondations ont été arrêté par le Conseil de Gouvernement et présenté par la ministre de la Justice.

  7. At the European Council in June 2000, the member states reached an agreement to work towards full implementation of the exchange of information between tax authorities at the European level. The 2008 economic and financial crisis hastened the initiatives towards greater tax transparency and the fight against aggressive tax planning.

  8. Following the launch of the Modu 2.0 multimodal strategy in 05/2018 and the successful introduction of free public transport in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in 03/2020, François Bausch, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Mobility and Public Works, presented the PNM 2035 - National mobility plan at an international press conference on Friday 22 April 2022.

  9. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) enables disputes between consumers and professionals to be settled out of court, without recourse to the traditional legal system.

  10. Issues surrounding repairing: the right to repair, programmed obsolescence, the legislative framework, etc.

  11. Rapports et évaluations - 2023 Rapports et évaluations - 2021 Rapports et évaluations - 2019

  12. The Government's Open Data strategy aims to provide for the possibility of universal access to public data, thereby enabling individuals, businesses and the media to reuse, combine or share data for any appropriate purpose. The purpose of the strategy is thus to create social, economic or environmental added value, and to improve performance in public services.

  13. Luxembourg, a multilingual and multicultural country, recognises three official languages, notably Luxembourgish as the national language. This dossier focuses on the governenment strategy for the promotion of the Luxembourgish language and presents the specified objectives, the concrete commitments and the implementation tools.

  14. Since 1980, the development cooperation policy has been one of the central tenets of Luxembourg's foreign policy. Based on targeted partnerships and underpinned by the key principles of reliability, commitment and expertise, the policy is geared towards the eradication of poverty, especially in the least developed countries, and is consistent with the goal of sustainable development.

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