State visits: general information


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The protocol in Luxembourg distinguishes between working visits, official visits and state visits, with state visits being reserved for Heads of State at the formal invitation of HRH the Grand Duke.

However, Heads of State can also come to Luxembourg for a working visit or an official visit.


The programme, protocol and practical arrangements depend on the type of visit and the rank of the visiting dignitary.

State visits usually begin and end at Luxembourg Airport, where the visiting Head of State is welcomed by government representatives.

The first official event generally takes place outside the Grand Ducal Palace, where the Head of State is welcomed by HRH the Grand Duke.

This welcome ceremony outside the Grand Ducal Palace is usually followed by a ceremony and exchange of gifts inside the palace, together with a private lunch organised by Their Royal Highnesses (if the guest arrives in the morning).

A wreath-laying ceremony, audiences with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and a ceremony at Luxembourg City Hall are generally planned for the same day.

A state banquet is held at the Grand Ducal Palace on the first evening.

The programme for the following day(s) is agreed jointly by the host country and the visiting country.

On the second evening, the host country usually puts on an event, for example a concert, an exhibition or a reception.

On the final day (often the third day of the visit), a farewell ceremony is generally held in front of the Grand Ducal Palace, before the visiting Head of State leaves for the airport.

 State visits are generally planned at least six months in advance.

Recent state visits

Official visits

Official visits usually start with an official welcome on Place Clairefontaine.

Depending on the rank of the visitor, the programme may include an audience with HRH the Grand Duke and meetings with the President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, together with an official lunch hosted by the government.

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